Clash of Clan Hack Tool 2014

Clash of Clans is available for download as well as this tool for gems and hacks as well as cheats. A cool thing about this awesome game is that it can be modded as any other game out there without the need of complex or expensive software. Also, a good thing about this app is that it has helped many people get around the Clash of Clans servers to make these hacks possible all the way. This game is one of the best out there as it enhances everyone's hour time with their phones and possible way of having a fun time.

Why was this app created at all?

We generally have this question made by people that would like to develop software similar to the one we made but for other games. The answer is simple, we used this application called netbeans that has been quite helpful as we couldn't approach some code we wanted and made us quite easy to use with it. Thouh many people think that it isn't possible to create such tools, here we are to say the opposite and show proof of it working. Below you will find some awesome features like adding gems, gold, resources and other cool stuff as well as checking our Clash of clan hack tool for gems and some real proof of it working!

Some features embedded in our app

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Elixir
Unlimited Resources
And many more cool stuff is added! Check it out below!

Take a peek and see if it is really working or not!

Proof of it working as it should!

There is nothing worse than people saying it doesn't work when below is real proof of it working! Keep in mind that both screenshots were taken about 2-3 minutes from each as we had to make sure it worked as we expected!

Video Proof!

How to make it work on your side?

Now you know how it is like and some real badass proof of it working as it should. Now it's time to see how to make it work on your side without any struggle of any kind. A cool thing is that you won't need any external software like net framework or something for the like as we built it specially to keep it simple. Simply follow the below steps and you wil be on your way to use our awesome Clash of clan hack Tool available for download!

1) Download it using the link below
2) Run our application
3) Connect your android to the PC/Mac
4) Click the features you would like to use
5) Run the game, wait and enjoy!
It is really easy to use our Clahs of clan hack Tool! Everybody is able to use it as it is not rocket science! To download it, please use the button below, follow the easy instructions and you will get your own copy in very short time! There's no need to worry about anything! Simply click the button below and you are ready to go!