Hacks and Cheats for Clash of Clans 2014

Clash of clans is famous and a quite addictive game and can be quite entertaining with these hacks and cheats that are available in this same page. This game has conquered the Google's Play Store with its amazing graphics, play design and strategy. It wasn't designed for ipadat first, but as people got addicted to this magnificent piece of digital art, the developers decided to make a version exclusively for ipad and other Apple devices such as iphones, macs and ipads as well as android phones.

How was this cheat tool created?

Well, as a team of coders we are always wanting a new challenge and a way to test our skills so we decided to try and make a cheating app for clash of clans for ipads. We succeeded and we are here promoting this incredible achievement through this, our site, so that anyone that would like to cheat in this game, can use our very easy to use software. Also, it is important to say that we created this cheat tool with netbeans that is a very powerful application that helped us a ton at the time of compilation and searching for ways to hack the game.

Some features that are embedded in the app!

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Infinite Resources
And many other cool features! Check our app below to watch them all!

Check it out below!

Proof that it is working!

We can show you a fake screenshot of it, but what it makes it cool is showing a great screenshot of it put in action! Both photos were taken about 2-3 minutes between them so you see how powerful it is and below you can find how easy is to use it without any struggle or difficulty!

Video Proof!

How can I use it?

Anyone can use it, and I really mean anyone! We made it very easy to use so that anyone can understand to make it work! Simply follow the instructions to use our Clash of Clans hacks and cheats tool without a problem!

1) Download our app from the download button below
2) Run the software
3) Connect your device
4) Run the game
5) Click the features you would like to use
6) Wait a moment and enjoy!

That's it! No struggles, no difficulties no nothing! That easy is to use our hacks and cheats Clash of Clans tool with ease! Now is your time to enjoy this game to the maximum by clicking the download button below, follow the very easy instructions and your download will start in very short moments!