Cheat for Clash of Clans for 2014

Cheats for Clash of Clans are really easy to embedd in a cool app made by a great team of coders (us). Right now Clash of Clans is one of the most famous games out there that can be really fun and entertaining to play once we get our hands in this awesome game. One cool reason we created this tool is that people tend to think that creating a cheating tool for Clash of Clans was impossible to make as there were some "impossible" ways to make it happen. What we did? We dared them all and created our awesome app! That's what we did and that's how this amazing software was created!

How does this software work?

We based our efforts on the not so famous tool called netbeans which is a great help when coding a software like the one we built. With netbeans we were able to code something really unique that made it possible for us to create such a magnificent way to cheat into Clash of Clans.

Cheating features!

We can talk all day about how we made it possible and how someone can also make a similar one for android, but we prefer to talk about some of the features you can find within our tool.

> Unlimited Elixir
> Unlimited Gold
> Unlimited Gems
> Unlimited Resources

As we said, these are some of the features embedded in the app we created for this clan. Below you can see how it looks like and some awesome proof of it working!

Check it out!

Proof of it working!

There are people that talk the talk but don't walk the walk, here we are walking the walk by showing you the real working app and how easy is that anyone can get started using it!

Video Proof!

How to use our software?

We now showed you how it looks like and some real badass working proof in real time and now is time for you to see how anyone can use it and how easy it is!

1) Download it using the download button below
2) Run the application
3) Connect your device
4) Run the game
5) Click the features you would like to use
6) Wait some moments and enjoy!

That's it! Nothing else is needed to run our Cheat Tool for Clash of Clans! It is that simple that anyone can do it! Now you just have to click the button below, follow the very easy instructions and download will start in very short time!

Now's the time to get things started and get ready to rock with this awesome game!