Clash of Clans Hacks and Cheats 2014

Clash of Clans Hacks and Cheats 2014 version is ready to roll! The hacks and cheats embedded in our application are the best of the best. This is a game that is very addictive to the general public, specially teens and some grown ups. Clash of clans hack tool requires no survey at all as it is an app we developed for everyone to use there's no need to make it difficult.

How did we make this tool?

Well, we firstly wanted to make something unique, something that challenged our coding skills (as we are a group of coders), so we decided to code it using Netbeans which is a cool software that helped us a ton making these awesome tools. Also, if you don't know Netbeans, you can check this wikipedia article that will proof to be quite helpful in understanding netbeans.

So, why did we create this tool?

We believe that challenges enhance our skills every time, so we decided to make a cool hacks and cheats tool for clash of clans as nobody seems to make one that works. Our app is one that works and will continue to work as we worked very hard on it. We decided to take this challenge as people wanted to see a software that actually works so we decided to make that dream a reality.

Features! And more!

Below are some of the features that were embedded in our software. There are more features that one can see in our app, but these are the main ones.

> Unlimited Gold
> Unlimited Elixir
> Unlimited Shield
> Fast XP
> Many More features!

Check out our app!

Below is a screenshot of our application and with it the different features it has as well as the very core of the software.

Proof that it works!

We can talk all day on how we built this Clash of Clans Hacks and Cheats Tool but we are more confident when we show how this is set into action in the real game. Below are 2 pics, the before and after we implemented our cool method and how you can also make the same!

Video Proof!

How can we use it?

As we are aware many people will want to use it, we decided to make it super easy to use. Simply follow the below steps and you will be on your way of playing this awesome game with an edge!

1) Download our Clash of Clans Hacks and cheats tool using the download button below
2) Run the application
3) Run the game
4) Click the prefered settings you would like to use
5) Wait and enjoy!

That's it! No difficult steps! Just follow the steps and you are ready to go! Now, just click the download button below and you will be enjoying this game very soon! Simply click the button below, follow the easy instructions and you are ready to go!