Clash of Clans Hack for iPad

Though clash of clans wasnt exactly designed for ipad, we managed to code a solution for the ipad counterpart of this magnificent game. Clash of clans always seems to keep us engaged in its grasp as it is a very cool game and one that you have probably enjoyed a few times now. This game was designed to keep everyone that plays it engaged until the end of the game. Though many people think that creating a working Clash of Clans Hack for ipad is not possible, we dared all and created our own working and unique tool for ipad.

How was this app created?

Well, we as a team of coders, decided to take a look at this awesome gem to see if we could manage to cheat and hack gems, gold, resources and any other cool stuff we could change and we succeeded! We made this tool using a very well known software called Netbeans that really helped us at the time we were scanning the game and how we changed the values in this quite complex application.

Some of the features embedded in our tool

> Unlimited Gems
> Unlimited Gold
> Unlimited Resources
> Unlimited Shield
> And many other cool features you can watch below in the screenshot!

Take a look!

As we can talk all day about it and how we created it, we will show you how it looks like!

Proof that it works!

There's nothing worse than the people talking the walk, but actually walking the walk and that's exactly what we are doing here. Here we are showing you the real proof of this amazing tool in action! Just take a look at the pics below to be amazed how they work and how are the things that are really working!

Video Proof!

How to use this amazing trainer?

Well, simply follow the steps below and you will be enjoying really much this awesome gem.

1) Download our app using the download link below
2) Run the app
3) Connect your device
4) Run the game
5) Choose the features you would like to use
6) Wait a little and enjoy!

That's it! There's nothing more about how to use this amazing trainer than just following the steps above! If one wants to play with our Clash of Clans Hack for ipad you just follow the above steps and you are ready to go! Simply click the button below, follow the instructions and your download will start shortly! Now its the time to get things done and start enjoying this magnificent piece of art!